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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 11, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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breaking news, crews battling a large fire in san francisco this morning. we'll have the latest details next. we'll also show you the biggest gang bust in santa clara county history. what we're learning this morning about the crimes against dozens of people. new details overnight about the cyber attack at a popular local grocery chain compromising shoppers' personal bank accounts. right know a live look outside over the bay bridge out there. early morning on day two of your workweek. this is tuesday, june 11. this is "today in the bay." just about 4:31. good morning to you one and all. i'm jon kelley.
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>> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with fire crewtion on the scene of a house fire. this is new video just into our newsroom. that fire broke out about 2:30 this morning. it's been escalated to a second alarm. we learned a firefighter was injured and take tone the hospital but we don't know how serious yet those injuries are. it's all happening on hudson avenue near third street in the bayview district. our own christie smith on her way to the scene. she'll have a live report coming up at 5:00. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to find out if wind is affecting putting out that fire. >> good morning jon and laura and you at home. a good day shaping up. there is wind in the san francisco area this morning. but it's an onshore breeze. that breeze is not that strong just yet. however, as we progress throughout the next few hours, the wind will pick up. we have an area of low pressure exciting the bay area. as it does so, it kicks up the winds. right now we have a northeast wind at about five to ten miles per hour in the city.
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as we head throughout the day today, we are going to get spoiled, downright spoiled. our weather is the envy of the nation. first let's check your drive on a traffic tuesday. hi, mike. >> good morning. traffic tuesday, we're expecting a lot more traffic than yesterday which was a little weird anyway overall. looking at northbound 101 with the flow of traffic heading toward the area past 680 and traveling toward 880. the issue is 880 itself where we have construction which is just picking up southbound past brokaw. as you pass the great mall, down to one lane. a lot of crews, a lot of lights and down to one lane so far. we'll let you know as crews get on the move. as we mentioned at the top of the show, the santa clara county d.a. will be announcing the biggest gang bust in county history. the grand jury indicting a total of 48 alleged gang members including nine women, accused of selling drugs, robbing banks and committing murder. this morning district attorney jeff rosen will outline this
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major bust. we did get a little preview of what he is expected to see at that news conference. bob redell will have a live report starting at 5:00 this morning. 4:33. that bust comes as san jose is poised to approve a budget to put more crews ton street. today there will be a vote. mayor chuck reed wants to spend the money to help recruit new police officers, hire community service officers and fund place over time and gang prevention. a police union spokesperson say it is city needs to add police officers and improve pay because officers are leaving faster than they can be replaced. new this morning on the international scene, riot police in turkey pushing hundreds of protesters out. this not happening without a fight. new video shows them throwing stones at police and running from that teargas as you saw. police backed by water cannon
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trucks then removed banners and flags from a monument and cultural center. protesters are occupied the square for more than a week following police action against a peaceful demonstration to try to save a local park. so far we can tell you three people have died in the most widespread anti-government protest in years. we have new video this morning as rescuers continue to search the rubble of a collapsed building in india. they're using now sensors and life detectors to try to look for five people feared to be trapped beneath all that rubble. the four-story building in mumbai collapsed after a heavy monsoon and all the rain out there. five people have been killed in this disaster. the nsa's secret surveillance program has sparked an international debate. today the european parliament will decide if the agency's snooping on phone calls and internet traffic has violated any local privacy protections. eu officials plan to get answers
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from u.s. diplomats during a meeting in dublin, ireland, later this week. a senior u.s. intelligence official says so far there are no plans to end that program. the journalist who broke the story now say there is's more to come. glen greenwald of the guardian was the first to expose classified programs leaked by defense contractor edward snowden. greenwald says more significant revelations will come from documents provided by snowden. he says there are dozens of stories, but the decision on when to release the next one will be based on information provided by snowden. the american defense contractor fled the country last month to china. his exact wra about in hong kong, unknown at this time. the justice department is investigating whether snowden's disclosures were a criminal offense. first amendment advocates say if snowden is expedited back to the u.s. to face charges, they'll raise money for his legal
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defense. >> raley says it's too hard to tell who stole customer information. they ska it's not sure if this is an isolated incident or something linked to larger attack. over the weekend a lot of customers telling the sacramento bee there was suspicion activities on their account. they're telling customers to keep an eye on their credit and debit accounts. the emergency is over for now. east palo alto police have ended their crime emergency procedure started last month in response to an outbreak of violence. the police department made that announce. yesterday after going three weeks without a shooting. last month the city saw a surge of violence including the death of a 15-year-old boy in what police say is a gang-related shooting. the police chief says even though the crime emergency has ended, his department will continue efforts to stop violence in the city. a milpitas man who crashed his car killing both his wife and 3-year-old son is returning to court today.
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gilbert gill arraigned yesterday on charges of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and child endangerment. police say gill was speeding at high speeds when he crashed his car tuesday afternoon killing both his wife and his son as we told you. he will be returning to court today to be assigned a public defender. water bills could soon be going up in the east bay. the municipal utility district will vote on a proposal to raise water rates by 19% over the next two years for ratepayers in contra costa and alameda counties. they say they need the increase to pay for pipe and equipment maintenance. under the proposal rates would go up 9.75%, about $4.00 per customer. next year, about $4.00 more. the public meet willing be held in oakland to discuss the increase. that meeting starts at 1:15. 4:37. how about we discuss a little
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more weather. christina loren talking about good things, good sunshine ahead. >> it's going to be so nice out there today. one of those days where you might just be kicking yourself if you don't get outdoors. we have a cool start to the day with temperatures mostly in the 50s. you'll notice it's crisp out there, not as much cloud cover to start with. as we head throughout the day, especially the afternoon, a nice, cool, ocean breeze. good morning bay area. take you into the future. right now in the 50s and 60s. by lunchtime we'll climb into the 70s. then as we hit about 4:00 p.m. when the high temperatures come in, it's going to be a really comfortable day. 79 degrees in concord, 74 in fremont and 62 in san francisco. now, we do have changes headed our way. we're kind of in that transitional period before it gets hot. i'll let you know when the heat returns. of course, we have your father's day weekend forecast coming up in my next report. first let's check your drive. a traffic tuesday. nonetheless, he's always two steps ahead of that drive. >> i'm looking at thursday right
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now. no. it's 4:39, folks. not a big deal, an easy flow of traffic across the san mateo bridge and steady on the peninsula as well. we'll show you the maps as you approach coming off 880, i marked your commute direction with the arrow. over the last few minutes i saw counter commute toward 238 that just cleared a few seconds ago. we have a smooth drive north toward the coliseum. remember there's an a's and yankees game today. that's at 7:00. the live camera shows no slowing towards the construction area and toward the bay bridge. this is a smooth drive across the span. you see the low clouds in the distance. you can see the city lights, a clear view across the bridge as well. no problems for drivers and no delays as far as the north bay so far. but it's still very early. back to you. >> indeed it is, mike. 4:39 right now. a mill valley man's attempt to swim all the way from the fairlawn islands to the golden gate bridge has unfortunately ended in disappointment.
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joe locke was tracking his 28 1/2 mile solo swim online. this ended just before 11:00 last night only four miles from his goal. locke didn't wear a wet suit out there in the chilly water and got stung twice by jellyfish. that forced him to stop swimming after he got sick. so no word at this point if joe will try to swim again. that's quite the conquering, but to be four miles from it and to give up. >> i know, exactly. 4:40 right now. making a late-night decision about the morning after pill. we'll have details on the government's sudden reversal next. we'll let you know why federal agents made the surprise visit to the ohio home where three women were allegedly held captive for more than a decade. we continue to follow the health of nelson mandela. the latest word out of south africa next. i guess you can forget about a new operating system. the other new move by apple that has san francisco's police chief smiling this morning.
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welcome back everyone. good tuesday morning to you. apple's worldwide developers conference in san francisco grabbing the attention of law enforcement. am says its latest operating system has a safety feature that will help deter smart phone
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theft. it's called activation lock. anyone who doesn't have your apple i.d. and password is locked out making the phone inoperable and tough to resell. san francisco's police chief hopes this is the start of a new trend. >> i know samsung is talking about coming up with something similar. they seem to be in a horse race right now. a great race for us for them to be in. the next thing is to work with the providers. >> apple's announcement comes days before san francisco's district attorney heads to new york for a cell phone summit. he calls smart phone theft a national epidemic. apple's new operating system with activation lock will be available this fall. more signs the economy is on the rebound. a brand new report finding hiring this summer will be the best it's been since back in 2008. jackie deangelis live at cnbc world headquarters with the detail on that to go along with the tuesday look at how futures are trading. jackie, good morning. >> good morning, john. the features sharply lower this
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morning, this after stocks failed to hold on to early gains yesterday. the markets did get initial pop after s&p upgraded its outlook on the u.s.'s credit rating, saying it feels better about economic prospects. but that optimism was short lived. it didn't last throughout the session. data today on wholesale trades. the dow ended up slipping nine points to 15,238, the nasdaq edging up four to 3,473. a new survey by staffing firm manpower finding that more employers planning to add workers in the third quarter, more than any period since the fall of 2008. more than one in four construction companies also say they'll be hiring this summer. that's the strongest outlook since before the recession. analysts are saying that could be good for the housing market, but still manpower saying that some companies have some concerns about the global economy and other issues as well like health care costs. finally this morning, sony teased us a few months ago.
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now we finally get to see what the new play station 4 looks like. the company showed off the console in los angeles last night. the ps 4 costs $399. it will go on sale this holiday season. and unlike microsoft's new xbox 1, sony say it is ps 4 is going to be primarily just for playing games. i think i like that. keep it simple. >> i'm with you on that, jackie. always keep it simple, especially at my age. we'll check with you later on. >> you always say you're older than you are, jon kelley. this morning a pair of open water swimmers will mark a milestone. their 1000th swim. they'll take a boat ride from san francisco to alcatraz in a few hours. around 8:00 this morning, 52-year-old hur ritz and 62-year-old eem mitts will begin the mile and a half swim. they have successfully completed that route 999 times. >> wow. huge congratulations.
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i hear the water is kind of cold. >> a little chilly. >> 99 problems and that cold water is one. a good looking day shaping up. temperatures are chilly to start. not too bad in places like sunnyvale. napa, 52 degrees, 53 in gilroy and santa cruz this morning 56 degrees to start the day. a lot of kids getting out for summer break as we head throughout this week. temperatures aren't going to be too hot for them as we head throughout today. if you want to get them outdoors, you have them at home with you torques day is a great day to do so. we'll see the low clouds until 10:00. mostly clear conditions over the greater bay area for the second half of the day. we'll see the sunshine return today. we're done with that humid air mass that really triggered those thunderstorms yesterday. we have quite a bit of lightning at this time yesterday. as we head through today, a more stable pattern shaping up, high pressure moving in quickly. this will keep our temperatures in the micro climate territory. based on today, you'll see
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temperatures mostly in the 60s ands. at the coast 50s and 60s. inland 70s and 80s in places like livermore. 62 in san francisco. let's take you through your seven-day outlook. good news is we don't have any significant changes. we'll see subtle differences from day to day, up to 85 degrees at that point. saturday, a good day to hit the beach. it's not going to be perfect. you'll still have morning fog out there. 87 degrees inland, on the warm side. on father's day, sunday, we'll cool your temperatures down which is great news if you want to hit the links with dad this year. good day for golf, not that great for a beach barbecue. >> great day if you're good at golf. 4:48 right now. i am not. former south african president nelson mandela entering his fourth day in the hospital suffering with a lung infection. a spokesperson says mandela's condition is serious but is also
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stable at a hospital in pretoria. reports say his family is by his side. this is new video shot this morning outside the pretoria hospital where mandela is being treated. our nbc reporter on seen says security outside the hospital has been increased. just recently the 94-year-old mandela has been suffering for failing health for some time. his 95th birthday is next month. federal agents and prosecutors will be at the cleveland home this morning where three women were held captive for more than a decade. prosecutors will get their first in-person look at the living conditions the women were subjected to. they're preparing for tomorrow when accused kidnapper and rapist ariel castro is expected to be in court to answer to 329 criminal charges including murder, kidnapping and rape. yesterday fbi agents visited the home scouring the back yard and house. they downlaid the unexpected visit calling it routine. a major decision from the federal government to tell you
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about, announcing it will end its year-long fight against the morning after pill. the justice department says it's submitting a plan to a new york federal judge to comply with an order to allow girls of any age to buy emergency contraception without a prescription. now, if the judge approves the plan, the department will drop its appeal of the april ruling which the judge decided the morning after pill should be distributed to girls of any age. coming up at 5:00, marla tellez will be along with more details on the fed's sudden reversal. it is an important day for immigration reform. after much debate the u.s. senate will vote on a new bipartisan bill, the vote on the sweeping overhaul are procedural and will determine whether debate will officially be allowed to move forward. if the immigration bill passes, it would give 11 million undocumented immigrants the chance to become citizens. in the meantime, in a couple of hours, the president will throw his weight behind the bill during a speech from the east
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room of the white house. it was a pretty rough flight, but just hours ago a group of airline passengers finally made it to their destination. the southwest flight out of los angeles landed in austin, texas, at 12:49 this morning, nearly eight hours after its original arrival time. the flight was forced to make an emergency landing in phoenix yesterday after a bomb threat was phoned in. phoenix police and the fbi searched that plane and interviewed a lot of passengers but found no threats. authorities are right now trying to figure out who called in this threat. 4:51. today's giant's game has a special meaning for one member of the team. >> big time. how about tim tebow? he has a new place to do his tebowing. the new home we'll tell you about for the former new york jet. looking toward 880, a smooth drive past the truck stop. a nice flow of traffic at the truck stop as well.
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we'll show you what's going on on the peninsula side coming up.
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this next guy was a big-time college star and quarterback. a rough go in the nfl. quarterback tim tebow officially getting back out on an nfl practice field today as a member of the new england patriots. >> see where it goes. espn reporting he'll take part in the patriots mandatory mini
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camp. familiar with the offensive coordinator who was the head coach of the broncos when tebow was drafted back in 2010. if signed, the 25-year-old is expected to compete pour the back-up job behind tom brady. >> can't touch that guy. here is a little something extra for tonight's giant's game. take a look at this. on the right side of your screen you see amy crawford with her brother, brandon crawford. on the left side you see amy crawford with her boyfriend, pirates pitcher garrett cole making his major league debut. the pair met back at ucla. amy tweets she'll be at the game in pittsburgh but will not be sitting on her brother's side, she'll be on the home team side. >> blonde and brew net, how does she pull that out.
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she looks fabulous. >> looking toward the bay crossing. both sides of the bay looking really good as well. this is the san mateo bridge folks getting off with the headlights at the foster city side. look at the map, what's going on, the san mateo county fair, free concerts. that's good stuff if you're out of school or even at the end of school, i want to goot goof off, go ahead and head over there. watch 92, a little more congestion through the week. no problems over the bay. directions marked for the san mateo bridge, that's 92. 84 the dumbarton bridge, the slowing you speed, speeds only down to about 65 or 60. that's pretty standard across the bridge around now. construction for 880 southbound still going on, but the slowing we saw earlier has cleared. the north bay no problems, a very light volume so far. yesterday had good slowing, bad slowing through novato. we'll track that around highway 37. >> thank you very much. less than 24 hours on twitter and former secretary of state
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hillary clinton has more than 300,000 followers. her twitter handle is simply @hillaryclinton. she identifies herself as a wife, mom, hair icon, pan suit aficionado and a glass ceiling cracker. the end of her bio reads tbd, to be determined. so far only one tweet thanking two political bloggers and saying i'll take it from here. >> i happened to be online when it was announced. i looked at the profile and it only had three followers. then boom, exploded. 4:57. we will continue following breaking news out of san francisco. crews are still battling a big-time fire at a home in the city's bayview district. christie smith is on scene gathering the latest information. she'll have a live report coming up for you next.
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if this had been an actual emergency, you would have received timely emergency information. this concludes this test of the emergency alert system.
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breaking news this morning. a firefighter is hurt in an overnight fire in the bayview district. i'll tell you why investigators are calling this one suspicious. >> reporter: good morning, i'm bob redell. live in the south bay with the largest gang bust in santa clara county history. that story coming up. you made it through monday. tuesday provides a whole new foreca forecast. temperatures are going to be a little warmer. our air mass is more crisp. now we have a warmup on our hands. i'll sort out all the details for you. >> we've found another set of flashing lights by the coliseum. we'll tell you what's going on there as well as farther south. we will give you lovely live looks outside this morning, help you start your tuesday morning, june 11th. this is a look in san francisco, and this is "today in the bay."


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